Expandable regions

Is it possible to have an expandable section in each row of a list? Simular to the sections of the list properties in RadSystems. I’ve seen systems like this before, but I don’t see any way to do it here.

Something like:

@danh there is no configuration available for that.

Something similar can be accomplished with Master/Detail using Inline as Display Style.

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Thanks @ewwgee, that’s the idea, if I did it right. The closest I could get was to show the child records in a Model popup. I didn’t quite follow the Inline as Display Style part. Are you referring to these properties:

Or is it something else?

@danh this is what he is talking about. :point_down:

OK that’s what I thought, but I don’t see the Inline option in the Page Display Style dropdown:

Further, when I create a new page to be displayed, and then select that page for the Display Page setting, I get this error when I try to run it:

@danh inline is only available in PHPRad Classic, but the options listed here are the ones available for PHPRad Vue.

@danh this is a bug that has already been reported. the bug is with the extra ) in the code highlighted in your screenshot.

Ok @willvin thanks for that info.

On the error, I was able to correct it for now by manually editing the appropriate file.

Both of these issues begs some questions, though, that I would like to have answers for. When do bugs get fixed and what is the plan for building out more features in the newer versions? I’ve looked into the Quasar framework and I don’t think that is the holdup. Seems to be a very mature framework with a lot more features than what RadSystems offers at the moment. Are there plans for further development?

Thanks, Dan

to accomplish what you want ! you can consider manually adding a dropdown item from quasar components and displaying your data in there when you chick on it! it should be relatively easy;
but incase you get stuck we can always make a tutorial on it

@danh the data im talking about is the data that is displayed after you set the master detail as advised above