Field display as HTML

It is desirable to display a database text column as HTML. This would enable content management. Currently, database text columns display as plain text including HTML markup. I created this table which could support simple content management - column content_block_text could contain HTML.
CREATE TABLE dbo.content_block (
content_block_code varchar(60) NOT NULL,
content_block_text nvarchar(max) NOT NULL,
infosys_code varchar(60) NULL,
insert_user varchar(60) NOT NULL,
last_update_user varchar(60) NULL ,
delete_user varchar(60) NULL ,
insert_date datetime NULL DEFAULT getdate(),
last_update_date datetime NULL,
delete_date datetime NULL

ALTER TABLE dbo.content_block
ADD CONSTRAINT PK_content_block_01 PRIMARY KEY (content_block_code)

@bigheart7 please edit that field in the list/view page field properties as custom, then you can add v-html attribute to the element there.

<q-chip > {{ variable }} </q-chip>


<q-chip v-html="variable"></q-chip>

Please read here: Security DO’s and DON’Ts | Quasar Framework before you attempt using it in your code.

Thank you for your informative and patient response. The issue is fixed. Good point on not enabling end users to maintain content. Only a limited admins will maintain any content.