Fill data in Forms

Fill data in Textbox by relationship between tables for example
SELECT DISTINCT tax AS value, tax AS label FROM products WHERE id =: lookup_product_id ORDER BY id
In this way, when placing the product code, the data is obtained automatically by means of javascript in the subforms as I show below:

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How do I put the master / detail like that? Could you explain me please?
Thank you!

Do you speak english or spanish?
There is a tutorial in English, but I will soon do some tutorials in Spanish. That’s why I’m looking for everything to be complete

And I think I was not clear with my post
What I need is to see if someone has already done this and can help me understand if in the same RadSystems Studio editor you can set the values in the text boxes, that is, I enter the product code, I need the price data and tax are obtained automatically. I’ve done it before in Laravel and Pure Javascript projects. But it would be great if the RAD could do it within the editor. This will help me make the video tutorials for the community in Spanish

I am from Argentina, but I wrote in English because otherwise many would not understand … do you have a youtube channel or guthub repo?
If I understood correctly, what you need is to bring the product and make an autofill of the price of the product and only enter the quantity and that it is self-added?

At the moment I do not use the YouTube channel for tutorials because of the time. Because in addition to other tools there are already a number of tutorials, in this case that RadSystem does not have content yet, because I want to do a few.
Possibly this week I will be doing them

And regarding what I want to do, perhaps one of the developers or moderators of RAdSystem understands me, I will share screenshots of what I want to do:
First Search the Product by Code and Load the data automatically the data in the detail table.

Data loaded automatically

That is what I ask you, what you need is when selecting the product make an autofill of the price. What is generating?

I just tried and apparently it is a problem of version 3.9 when doing the lookup does not work.
I have it in my invoice as filled to the price field and it brings it to the value when I make the select to the products table, but now it does not work, I suppose it is a bug of version 3.9 because in 3.8 it worked fine …

Actually it does, but it only works if you use Select as an object and not Textbox. And the idea is that it works in the Textbox, in the same way what I am thinking is to update the data in the AfterAdd event
It seems that we will have to make these modifications to pure code. Unless the RadSystems developers can achieve it, which I think they could, since they do the same function only as for the Select object

@Melek i made a video about this on my channel to autopopulate!

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