Filter for tables

is it possible to apply a filter to the charts to display only specific data ??


@Maxr167 yes it is possible, you have the binding option in the chart properties. Please note that the page must contain a functioning filter component for it to work.

I have already inserted the filter in the Bind Page Filters area but it does not filter

@Maxr167 This issue has been reported to the dev.

@Maxr167 this issue has been fixed in version 3.7

the filter does not work if the user is user while you are admiistrator everything ok

@Maxr167 I tested what you said and it seems to be working fine from my end, with a user role and also with an admin role. Please make sure the user has permission to view that record and also make sure you added the chart and filter on a list page, thanks.

sure it works perfectly. I’m sorry I checked it was my error.

But the problem remains that the charts display all the data without filtering username or userid etc …

@Maxr167 that you will have to do manually in {project root folder}\app\Models\ComponentsData.php file.

I do not agree with these solutions to physically modify the file because they do not fit the standard modifications of the r program over time they do not bring good results (this is my thought). However, file does not exist in the folder.


@Maxr167 the previous reply was for classic and you can find the file here {project root folder}\php-laravel-api\app\Http\ControllersComponents_dataController.php for laravels+vue.