For all users of PHPRad (2.7.3) vs Studio Classic


I am a bit frustrated. re: Corrupt .ppm Update? Working version of 2.7.3

As I asked there:

  1. Is anybody using the 5.x version of Classic? Does it still corrupt the project sometimes?
    1.b) follow up: Anybody know the relationship between RadSystems / Studio & SystemsGH / PHPRad?

Anybody? developers?:
2. Does the developer intend to have some sort of export /import feature, or upgrade from one version of the software to the next? This is a must have feature for many of us. I can’t buy semi-functional software (main function is saving me time) only to have to redo work when a new version is released.


@robertr im personally still using version 4.6 because i find it stable! no file corruption! also there is an auto backup feature in it! even in version5.0 it’s better now! and you can now install more than one version of rad studio in your PC! for example, i have version4.6 and 5.0.3 installed in my machine and i can work with them separately! but for file corruption, i think the issue is now solved as i have not experienced it! i used to get frustrated by it too! mainly the reason im not using php classic 2.7.3 anymore but i hope it get fixed there too!

Thanks @Wahome-mutahi100 !
So, What is wrong with 5.0.3?

A lot of what I learned in 2.7.3 is not intuitive in 5.0.3, I may go searching for 4.6.
The where clause of a JOINed view says it should be

$db->where(‘field’, ‘value’)

but doesn’t give me any guidance beyond that. Digging through the code I have discovered that actually sometimes I have to use:

$query->where($fieldname , $fieldvalue);
and sometimes it works to do something like:
$db->where(“pk_orderID” , “>”, “1000”);

Is this better in 4.6? or still confusing?

In the 2.7.3 and before I could type my own WHERE clause. Now I may have to learn Laravel to make Classic Apps.

@robertr it’s a downside yes but the results are more rewarding

@robertr Radsystems Studio Classic uses Laravel 7.3. Laravel is a PHP framework with its own documentation and you can find it here Database: Query Builder - Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

@robertr …in classic radsystems you write your where clause like this.
$fieldname=“name of field”;
$fieldvalue=auth()->user()->id/username/whatever field you want to filter with

@robertr @Wahome-mutahi100 the error is that the wrong query object is used for the where statement. On Laravel Vue, the right object to use is $db but in Laravel classic, the right one to use is $query, which is a mistake from the dev’s end. The right example for classic would be

$query->("fieldname", "value");


$query->("fieldname", ">", "value");

@willvin Thanks! Yes the problem is that the “Where” pop up in the application appears to have the wrong object, and that there is no link for more information.

@Wahome-mutahi100 Does 4.6 better in this regard?

@robertr i dont use laravel version anymore! i haven’t tried it ! been using noderad it seems to fix my issues just fine