Geting php error after publish project in config file

Hello after publishing my project config file looks some wrong code generating.

// Database Configuration Settings
define(“DB_HOST”, “__dbhost”);
define(“DB_USERNAME”, “__dbuser”);
define(“DB_PASSWORD”, “__dbpassword”);
define(“DB_NAME”, “__dbname”);
define(“DB_TYPE”, “__dbtype”);
define(“DB_PORT”, “__dbport”);
define(“DB_CHARSET”, “__dbcharset”);

define(“MAX_RECORD_COUNT”, __maxrecordlimit); //Default Max Records to Retrieve per Page
define(“ORDER_TYPE”, “DESC”); //Default Order Type

// Active User Profile Details

@winsharif this is not an issue with the latest Radsystems Studio(PHPRad Classic). Please, post or search PHPRad Forum for the old PHPrad Classic issues. And also when you create a project publish the project at least once before you begin any configurations.