Git versioning colaborative work

Does the RADsystem support the option of code versioning? For instance, with Git, we have two developers who would be working on the same project simultaneously. Is it possible to perform a merge and utilize the features of Git?

i would adivise do the commit manually from your code editor ! don’t rely much on radsystems for this!

@Jaime Yes, Radsystems supports the option of code versioning.

  1. You have to access your git hub Settings β†’ Developer Settings β†’ Persona access tokens β†’ Fine-grained tokens, then click on Generate new token button.
  2. Enter the Token name, Expiration (the date you want the token to stop working or expire), the Resource owner, and the Description for this token to remember where you will use it or where you used it.
  3. Then Select a Repository access type, it should either be All repositories or Only select repositories. If Only select repositories, then you have to select at least one repository to give access to the token.
  4. Then click on repository permission, and set Contents permission to Read and write access.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Generate token button.
  6. Your new token will be displayed to you, copy this token as you will not be able to access the token again unless you regenerate the token, or you go through the process of generating a new token.
  7. Now that you have your new token copied, launch your Radsystems Studio and open and publish your project. On the published project window click on the Publish to GitHub button.
  8. Click on Create New Repository button.
  9. Then enter your Resource owner name as UserName, then enter the token you generated and copied initially to PersonAccessToken, and enter a name for the repository by default it is the project name, then enter your description, if you want the repository to be a private repository, that is not publicly accessible leave IsPrivate to True otherwise set it to false to make it publicly accessible.
  10. you can leave the HasIssues, HasProjects, and HasWiki with their default value and then select which of the directories you want to push to the repository, the ProjectDirectory (entire project), the FrontendDirectory folder or the ApiDirectory, then click Create button to create and initialize the repository.
  11. After that is done successfully, Radsystems Studio will select the created repository automatically then all you have to do is select the branch to push to, then enter your commit message, and click the Push button whenever you make changes to your project to push the new changes.
    Screenshot 2024-06-16 091442

he asked if there are 2 developer? can it mergge the commits and be able to pull into radsystems? say for example developer A adds some code then commits? obviously developer b has to pull the changes that were made by dev A to continue! can rad really do this out of the box?

No, that is not currently available.
But what he can do is move the .rpf file to the project folder and when he saves the project and pushes changes, the file is pushed too. but the issue with this is that the second developer would have to close and reopen the project file to get the latest changes.

yeah! but its a necessary evil i gues!