Height calendar does not work

PHPRad VUE 3,.9

height calendar does not work

@Maxr167 Please provide a screenshot of your calendar configuration.

part of the problem is solved by eliminating the files generated by the project; the problem of the upper part remains…as well as not reading the appointment database

@Maxr167 please create a new project if you want to use the calendar, as this is not a bug. New files were introduced to enable the calendar function, that is why deleting the previous generated project made it work. Please create a new project and let me know if you still face the same issue.

ok regenerated project; the problem remains that the dates are not shown on the calendar

@Maxr167 provide me with your anydesk ID.

412 996 409 12341234

412 996 409 12341234

Please note, you have to add the calendar on a list page.