How to add code to an application

Hi, there. I hope this does not seem like a silly question but if I wanted to work with remote data via API calls rather than direct data access, is that possible?
For example simple API calls to something like google maps or Betfair’ API, etc.


@pulsoft yes it is possible, depending on how you want to do it, where you want do it and project type. You can use Page Events to do server side API calls or you could use jquery or vue to make client side API calls.

Thank you so much Willvin, I would have been surprised if that was not the case. Also, a general question about grids and lists, can you have calculated fields, colour coded row, column and field backgrounds and/or fonts? Is that available through grid and or field events?
Many thanks again :slight_smile:

@pulsoft Radsystems Studio provides sections to apply your custom code. The configuration might not be there but you are given the opportunity to apply your custom code where necessary.

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Thanks so much Willvin :+1: