How to auto add a customer to customer master if entry does not exist?


In our CRM when a user is entering an Incidence the user has to enter Customer name.

This customer name is autocomplete (looked up) from customer master and if the customer name typed exist in customer master that customers data is fetched and necessary fields are populated.

But if the customer name entered does not exist in customer master then that customer’s data as entered in Incident page should automatically get added to Customer master.

How can we do this?

@YogiYang this configuration is not yet available in radsystems. but radsystems has the autocomplete feature for fields, when configured suggestions will be made to the user with available data from a database table that the user can either select from or chose to save what has been typed.

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Thanks for your reply.

In this case can I detect if the auto complete field contains data from DB ?

I mean if I can find out whether what the user has typed in the auto complete field does not come from database then I think I can write code in BeforeAdd event to first save the data entered by user to a table and then extract the ID of the newly inserted record and update the field in form before it gets saved.

Can we do something like this?

If yes are there any tutorial explaining the exact steps.

@YogiYang you can use the Action After Add in Page Events to do a query to check the value in the DB using the value submitted.

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