How to create Web Service?


I think this tool is great for creating back end admin panels, web apps, etc.

But generally back ends are created to manage data which is actually consumed by other applications which are running on client’s devices like for example a mobile app.

Is it possible to create web service which other apps can consume?

@YogiYang yes you can, that is the function of the endpoint configuration.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I will check it soon.

Is there any help available about this feature?

@YogiYang here is the Radsystems doc for it.



Thanks you very much for the link.

I check the documentation. It is to the point.

But I could not find as to how can we call this web service (custom endpoints) for other web site or mobile application.

@YogiYang the link would look like this localhost:8050/{endpoint path} for classic and localhost:8060/api/{endpoint path} for Vue projects. Note if Authentication is set for the endpoint, you will need to authenticate before you can successfully access it.

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How to add authentication token with API end point? Please give an example.
I am facing problem it shows forbidden in phpRAD Vue.


Below is an image that shows you how to call an endpoint from within the app in phprad vue project. You just need to call the function and pass the endpoint url without passing the full link.

Using your code I am getting 403 response. Please help me.

@willvin is there any particular reason I can’t see “Custom endpoints” menu in my PHPRad Studio Classic Edition, Version 2.7.3 ?

Many thanks.

Please use the phprad classic 2.7.3 forum here PHPRad Classic Initial 2.7.3 Forum - Index. And also you can create endpoints by creating a function with the name of the endpoint and writing your code to be executed in it. The file to create the endpoint is {project root}/app/controllers/ApiController.php, there is a sample API code in it.

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Thank you @willvin. Will do it this way.

Well, I know this is quite old thread. But curious to know if we still need to write the Route manually or Radsystems Studio inserts it for us?

Secondly, if I manually edit the Route, will Radsystems ever overwrite the routes Web.php file? If that happens, I will need to write the Routes again.