How to show the data entered in Add Form in View Form?


In the CRM solution, we have need to first allow a user to enter data in Add Form and then when the user clicks on Save to show the entered data in View Form and here we need to give a button which when clicked should actually save the data to DB.

How can we do this?

@YogiYang you can use the Action After Add in Page Events to redirect the user to the view page of that record.

return redirect()->away("");


return redirect()->route('users/view/'.$record->id); // if you have a table called users. because of the $record->id variable it can only be used in Action after Add.

As I said in my first post. The record is not yet saved.

Will redirecting to a View page automatically load the data entered by user in Add page?

@YogiYang Radsystems give you the option to write PHP, Python, Javascript, and C# in Page Events r as a custom page/Component where it does not fully satisfy your needs, depending on the project type. The above is not possible with Radsystems currently, you will have to implement it yourself.