How to use Quasar "Bottom Sheet" in PHPRadVue App

Hi i want to use/implement Quasar Bottom Sheet Plugin in my PHPRad Vue App, i can create button wherever i want in my app but i am unable to use its script in my vue file, i am attaching a screenshot of what i want to use from quasar website, kindly help me out if anyone knows or have used this. thanks all

It should work if you place the code in the right places and ensure the quasar vue code version you are using matches the one used by Radsystems Studio. Use Page Design’sPage Custom JS to add the js code, and use Custom View component to add vue code. Radsystems Studio 7.1.2 uses vue3 and the code in your screenshot is a vue3 code.

Thank you so much @willvin i was able to successfully add the bottom sheet to the page, can you let me know if I can place links(or any other thing like list/grid from different pages) to other pages on the bottom sheet this will be of immense help, thank you

You will have to refer to the quasar docs for that.