I want to show select from two options

I have 3 tables … Cars, Types, Models, Stock

if i want to make a stock and I want the user to choose (Select) the car such as (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc) and the next (Select) is the Types such as (Sedan, Coupe, Sport, Hatchback, etc) … then the next drop down menu shows All Models with the specific Car and type for example it shows all Models when it is ( BMW Car and its Type is Sedan)

can any body help?

Which Version and framework you are using?

Radsystems 8.5.9 and the backend is Laravel front end vue

I tried many many times by different ways but nothing

Sql query:
SELECT DISTINCT id AS value,model_name AS label FROM models WHERE car_id=:lookup_car_id and car_type_id=:lookup_car_type_id

query params :
$query_params[‘lookup_car_id’] = request()->lookup_car_id;
$query_params[‘lookup_car_type_id’] = request()->lookup_car_type_id;

any help ?