Independent Reviews/Views of RadSystems?

Good day. I downloaded RadSystems and generated a small app against a database but on trying to run it received an “Unable to Complete Request” error. Not having any experience with the software , I Googled the error and looked in the forum and limited documentation for an answer, to no avail. I then emailed the support email on 3 separate occasions, and received no reply. I used the Chat on RadSystems website yesterday and this time received some possible reasons, but by this time my trial was up. I asked whether the trial might be extended, and was told that this was not possible. So, what I am hoping to get from this question is an understanding of other users of your experiences. Have you been able to successfully develop apps with the tool? What is the support like for licensed users? How did you overcome the fact of limited documentation? Would you purchase the tool again or would you consider a different low-code app in future?

Any guidance that can be provided would be gratefully accepted, as I am reluctant to purchase the tool without some idea of whether others have used it successfully.



Honestly, I have been too much expecting from RadSystems when I first time knew and used this tool. Before I knew this tool, I have been using PHPMaker since year of 2004. So, I hoped this tool had the same features as PHPMaker, but it was not. I realized that I cannot force to use RadSystems to fulfil my needs/requirements to develop web application.

You may try PHPMaker instead. It has complete documentation and good forum support. Each question always be answered quickly in their forum.

PHPMaker has so many great features, such as Dynamic Selection List, Row Custom Action, Custom Fields, Custom Files, Custom Templates, Linked Tables (multi-database), Server Events and Client Scripts, Multi-Language, and many more…

You can even create your own Extensions to extend the functionality of PHPMaker. RadSystem does not have this ability.

I decided to use PHPMaker instead of RadSystem since I could not solve my problem to change the view value of simple string in the List and/or View Page dynamically by using its Server Events and Client Scripts.

Hopefully, RadSystems could take some good features from PHPMaker, but I don’t know when it will be happened. That’s my honest review about RadSystems.

Thanks very much for the response, that is most useful! I shall certainly now look at PHPMaker.