Integrate a Forum app?

I’d like to have a discussion forum in the RadSystems - created community website I’m building. I toyed with building one in my project (Laravel/Bootstrap) and I think it could be done, but then I came across a forum package already built…
Demo here
Docs here
GitHub here

It says forum package version 5.0 is compatible with Laravel 6 - 8 and PHP v7.4 so… technically it should be compatible with RadSystems (I’m currently using RadSystems v8.1.6).

So, not having much experience with Laravel, my first question would be: Where in the filesystem would you anchor your terminal cursor to initiate the Composer command
composer require riari/laravel-forum:~5.0 in order for the forum app to be located in the correct place?

For Laravel Classic it is the generated project {root folder}
For Laravel Vue or Laravel React projects, the folder would be {root folder}/php-laravel-api. But I don’t think what you are trying to install would work on this project type, since the frontend and backend are separate.

I made a test project in Laravel-Classic with authentication, roles and permissions, then made sure everything worked okay. Saved that for future use.

Then I installed the forum app via Composer in the root directory. It didn’t work, as you supposed. The error was centered on a vendor file spatie/laravel-permission… this is a permissions handler and I guess RadSystems uses a different approach to permissions.

I tried installing that vendor file via Composer too, but the error then was artisan package:discover --ansi handling the post-autoload-dump event returned with error code 1

This forum is made to be integrated with other laravel projects, it’s not a stand-alone app. I’m not a developer though, so it’s all beyond my comprehension.

Maybe someone else will see this and take up the challenge.