Is it possible to create a new Page that does not require Login?


I’m working hard on RadSystems, so far so good! I have a question: I’ve seen that New Pages can be created, but I don’t see how I can make it public. That is, a page that does not require logging in or having a role, something like a guest.
So far I created the new page, but when I try to view it it immediately asks me to log in… I would like this page to work in the same way as the Terms and Conditions, About, etc. pages.

I’ve searched but I don’t see where, does anyone know how to do this.

I appreciate it. @willvin

Hello friends, any help you can give me?

Hello ruandru,
Yes, you can create one if you have already processed the authentication (login) system. Click to Authentication and you will see a button on top right of the window says “Auth Pages”. Once you click that you will find all lists of your table where you can choose to authenticate or not.
Hope this will help.


I solved this by creating a new project with the same database and without a login function.
And I use 2 subdomains, One for the login page and one for displaying without login.

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How do you see the security issues for the subdomain that doesn’t require login since you used the same db?

In the subdomain where there’s no login, you cannot create, delete or edit records, only access the list and detail view. There’s no edit button or create new option available.