Is there a roadmap?

I’m really excided about this software product and would like to know what the vision is of the developers. I think it has a lot of potential but needs a lot more features. I am in the process of searching for a good Rapid Application Development software and have tried several systems. They all have their pros and cons, but I think this one has a really good base with the Quasar framework and the different server models. Seems the code it generates is very good quality and even maintainable outside of RadSystems software, which is a great plus.

I actually purchased PHPRad Classic (version 2.7.3) some time ago, but wasn’t really able to use it because of the limitations and the bugs I found. There was an announcement at that time that a new version was in the making and I had some communication with the company that there would be a lot more features. Now recently I downloaded the trial version and also studied into the Quasar framework some. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of new features from the original version to now. In some ways it seems even more limiting. That’s why I would like to know what the roadmap is.

Here are a few things that I feel would make this a really great product:

  1. Allow connecting to multiple databases in a single project.
  2. Separate the API from the pages interface and expose the code so it can be modified. Very similar to the Custom Endpoint feature, but then allow pages to be connected to those API’s for custom features.
  3. Expose the components (or elements) of the UI so they can be rearranged, modified and added to. Exposing the Quasar library of components in the UI builder would open up a lot of possibilities to create custom layouts and forms.

I would be glad to discuss these in more detail if desired. I would like to assist in making this software more feature rich and powerful. If there is anything I can do to help out, please let me know.
Thanks, Dan