Large project file


Regarding the image below, my project seems to large from one moment to another. I can’t make any chanes because my systems runs out of memory, but as 9i monitor the memory ussae, when the RadSystems app displays that advice, the memory is 65%used … :roll_eyes:


This is what the app saved for last time since i closed it. I saved correctly, then i closed the app and the app saved again, so i got that memory warning at the middle of the project save, and the app closed…

What can i do for recover, if try to open the “middle saved” file, it says may be broken or the version isn’t the same? Lot of work here.

Curious is that, yesterday, the file weighted around 30mb, from one day to anothher, more than 100mb

When you use dupplicate for components and pages then you get this error. Best to stick with creating, than duplicating. If you turned on backups then, you should see a folder starting and ending with --, in it you should see a list of backed up project file. The folder should look like this --revisions–.

Where do i turn on backups? You mean if i duplicate pages this can happen? So is better to create fron zero each component?

So what can i do now for reducing that file size or improve it? Is there any way so i don’t have to start from zero? Lot of work here…

The project file has been corrupted; you will have to start from the beginning. If you still have your generated projects, simply create a new project and copy your custom code one by one. That is how I retrieve mine when I encounter issues with my project file.