License key 7.1

Hi, I have already tried to solve the problem by email and by contacting support via chat … to date I have not received any response.
I have a license for version 5.14 which is almost completely unusable for production applications due to the numerous bugs.
Version 6.08 with fixes is not available for download.
I downloaded version 7.1 but it does not recognize the license key of 5.14.
How can I get a working and bug-free version?

Hi, if you can’t use version 7.1 with your previous license, this means that your 1 year of upgrades is exorsted. You have to purchase a license to use 7.1.0 or you continue using the previous versions with you license key.

Thanks for the answer, the question remains, how do I use my current version 5.14 with the fix of the many bugs it is afflicted with?
Is version 6.08 available for download and does it work with my license key?
Do I need to purchase a 7.1 license but am I required to purchase the classic vue package?
Can’t receive an upgrade offer?

For that you will have to contact Radsystems support via the Radsystems website

Hi, I contacted support 5 times, 3 by chat and 2 by direct email … to date no response

Hello Terzo,

You are entitled to 15% discount to upgrade your license. Kindly indicate you are ready to proceed and your discount coupon code will be sent to you via email.

Kind regards

Hi, thanks for the reply, can you send me a private message with the amount net of the discount?
My license is for the classic version