Limiting users for number of posts (plan subscriber)

Is there any way to limit users in my project for number of posts. For example, I want my users can create a maximum 10 posts each one. So one user has 10 posts? Is it something with hasMany or something else? Please help find a solution. Thank you.

In this case if the post limit is equal to the plan limit.

in the case before posting, the system counts based on the user’s plan limit.

if limit is =>plan_limit
user can add new post

if the limit is higher than the current plan,
the customer is notified with a link to
update your subscription.

Hi @snarthost, you have to use the Action Before Add in Page Event to write the code to do the checks for you.

An example will be doing a query to get all post made by the use, the count it and check if it is upto 10.if it is you redirect the user with a message.