Little suggestion

my little advice:
radsystem is good enough and interesting to use to make web/mobile business programs. but unfortunately, there are still some drawbacks.

  • projects that were created in previous versions cannot be used in the latest radsystem versions.
  • radsystem doesn’t have any project examples (why?). some other framework/RAD/script generator platforms definitely include interesting project examples, such as CRM, Project Management, Asset Manager, finance, Marketing/sales, Management, Events, Supply Management or other examples of ERP/business applications.

I’m sure if radsystem provided sample projects, more users would use radsystem. especially if the frontend and backend designs can be changed easily/visual custom design.

maybe there are other ideas/suggestions from other users for radsystem? Please.

hopefully radsystem can be even better in the future and users will also be happier to use it. GO!