Local Storage-Sqlite

HI…I Saw someone already post this topic…I just hope radsystem will consider this feature.Now all people love using mobile app compare desktop application. This local storage is needed for user keep using it in offline mode and secure client data from loss…then will sync to our radsystem backend. No user like application that been reject by server or maybe loss connection.

Most user using radsystem because of data collection application. Because it easy to make crud.The most important part is data (secure,autogenerate,reporting-already cover by rads.),(backup,transfer,sync to any type of device-Stil waiting). That is all people need.

I always keep searching for easy tool for making better app. Recently I try Mementodatabase android application that provide form builder.Super easy making form with relationship and provide very usefull field type.The best thing its generate native storage and sync to cloud or google sheet easily for free. I manage complete my mobile app only for 1 day.So now I try to connect it with my phprad. I just hope rads team consider this matter.Mobile is everyone bestfriend… with mobile app sometime we no need backend dashboard,as long have restapi server ready…
That all I just wanna to share…
Thank you and :heart: Radsystem …:v::+1::love_you_gesture::clap:

Hello Dellz78,

Thank you for your warm feedback and innovative suggestions, kindly know that whiles we are trying to fix the few remaining bugs on the software, we have amazing features and functionalities cued in our roadmap for deployment. This includes React (complete), Flutter (ongoing), Bootstrap 5 (complete), and other fixes and updates.
Your suggestions are very much welcome and will be considered for future implementation, thank you for choosing RadSystems.

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Of course it is a great tool, would it be possible to release an update of 7 with some specific bugs fixed? we need to put our app’s into production and we are delayed for this reason…
user records magnaments: list records only and select view, edit, deleted to admin. It can see all the records but… I can’t edit or delete it just shows the view.
The calendar has several bugs and finally please add the autofill this is very useful in many instances of our development.
I’m with node + quasar…

I’ve added many bug reports, problems and suggestions I have many more but I don’t want to fill them with problems either…


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