Master Detail issue

I have tried to set a master detail relationship for names and addresses. One name can have many addresses.

When I add a new name, it also opens the address grid below and I can add as many addresses as I choose. They are related and saved. When I close the name record and come back to I get the Add Address option and then when I save the address it does not relate to the name record.

This seems like a bug and is across the RADSystem line, PHP, Node, Python, .Net Core, Vue. etc.

The database is SQLServer, though I tried SQLite as well and I am at the current version of RadSystems. I posted this under Questions but there was not a solution so that leaves me thinking this is a bug.

@jkwrpc I still don’t understand the issue you are having. please explain your issue properly or provide an example of what you are trying to achieve.

Below is a video of the issue. In it I add the name ‘hanson’. I then add to address(cities) ‘eagan’ & ‘polson’/

I go back to names and select ‘hanson’. I see the 2 linked addresses below the name. I Add New Address and enter ‘atlanta’. I submit and atanta is save to the address table. However, it is not related to the name. When open ‘hanson’ there are only the original two listed as related. The third address ‘atlanta’ does not show.

Missing is the data in the address.name_id field. It is there in the original add of the first two address but not in any subsequent Add New Address.

Given I have review the documentation and videos I am not seeing anything I missed, so therefore it appears to be a bug.

@jkwrpc from the video you sent I can see that this is not a bug, that is how it has been made. You can only add data from the master page after doing the Master-Details Configuration if you want to bind the master record id t the details. I will be moving this to the #issues page as it is not a bug, thanks.

Then how do I relate subsequent adds? Do I need to code it out?

Yes. The tab like option available in master details, that allows you to bind record in PHPRad 2.7.3 does not exist in this version, so you will have to code it out.