is there any information of how to create Master-Detail Pages? Searched the documentation but found nothing. Dto. in this forum.

Kind regards
Andreas Perband

Master-Details 2

Reference the number on the images above.

  1. Click on the table you want to use as the master table.
  2. Click on the Add Page of that table.
  3. Click on the Master Details Form located in the Add Page Properties.
  4. Click on the Add Details Form button. You can as many Details pages as you want, by clicking this button.
  5. Click on the item just added below.
  6. Select the type of relationship you want the Master and Details table to have (OneToMany or OneToOne).
  7. Select your details page.
  8. Select the field in your Details page where the Master page ID is referenced.

Click okay to save, then preview.