Master Detail Relation only one per table

I have found that you can only use one master detail per table.
I have a table: tblArt with several id related to other tables: idArtist, idSeller, idBuyer.
But when I use the second Master Detail Relation it gives an error, mentioning the NOT Unique tableName.
I have solved it by creating 3 views:
FROM tblPerson

But it would be nice to have an update where the second table has an Alias, so that we can use the Master Detail on more columns.
Thanks in advance.

Can you provide screenshots to clarify what you mean, so that i can confirm from my end and report the issue.

I have a table aba_tblKunst, with three columns related to an other table: aba_tblpersonen.
idKunstenaar, idVerkoper and idKlant.

But after building I get this an error.

I think the error is in the part of the program which generate this code:

I have solved it for now with the creation of three views, this works, as the table/view names are unique.

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As I can only upload one image at a time, here is the other image.

And the error: (after a few seconds…)

And the location where it might go wrong:

And the location of the file:

Okay, i understand properly now.