Master detail relation settings in list page - inconsistens/erroneus result

I have apartment db table and manager db table. I have 5 apartments but only 4 have assigned administrator.
Depend on what is set as “display text” in “master detail relation” 4 or 5 apartments are shown. It doesnt matter if list view “Display template” is set to grid or tabularlist.
It should be visible all 5 apartments all the time wheter the ‘display test’ settings.

In apartment “page fields” ive set ‘apartment.administrator’ as ‘’
In apartment list “master detail relation” for administrator field settings are visible on screen. The only difference is value in “Display text”

Case 1 - “Display text” contain plain text label. All apartments are visible - even the one without administrator set.

Case 2 - “Display text” contain dynamic value ‘–Zarzadca.nazwa–’- only apartments with administrator set are visible.
Doesnt matter if I put ‘–Zarzadca.nazwa–’ or ‘––’ - one of apartments is missing