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Recently, I have encountered difficulties in attempting to use the platform. During a recent test of the tool, we came across an issue with the master-detail usage. In the 2022 tutorials I located, there is a method of connecting the master/detail using the ‘master detail’ function, which is supposedly an option in ‘page properties’ for master detail. However, I am unable to locate this option, as demonstrated in the attached screenshot.
I also attempted to execute via the “Master detail Relations”, here is how it stands:

Could someone assist me in creating this link? Or perhaps provide a link to a tutorial that functions with the newer versions?

why are you doing a select on a primary key or what is your primary key here? what you are doing is wrong.

explain what you are trying to achieve

What I intend to accomplish is as follows: within the tabexpenseheader, I want to add the detail of the tabexpensedetail. Hence, when I add the tabexpenseheader, I should be able to add the tabexpensedetail, a common master-detail relationship.
My primary key in tabexpenseheader is id_expense, which correlates with tabexpensedetail with the foreign key named id_expense.
Essentially, I wish to replicate what this individual has done here:

Sorry Wahome, I don’t speak English, I’m Brazilian. If there is any other information I can provide you with, please let me know.

unfortunately i dont really understand this! will try make a video and see if it can tackle your use case

Good morning Wahome, were you able to record the master detail video?

i will share a link today please

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