Master/details and window deatils modal problem

i’ve some problem with a project of type Laravel with Bootstrap.

There are two table, contacts and contact_address_book with OneToMany relationship.
I’ve configured the button “Add New Contact Address Book” in Contacts Address book list page as OpenLinkAs = Ajax Modal

In edit page of contact there is a table with contact address book entry. There are two problem:

  1. When click on “Add New Contact Address Book” the modal window opens but closes again immediately, leaving a layer on the page that prevents it from intergating so you have to reload the page.
  2. When edit a row of table the modal window opens, i can change data and save it, but the change was not updated to row on table.

Is this a bug? Do I make a mistake in the configuration?


Please provide a video showing the error you explained.

this is link to video RadSystems Master/Details - YouTube

As you can see, when modify row grid not refresh and when add new row the modal window open but close immediately.
This is main configuration:


If you use such a scenario, the page will not reload. Unless you trigger a page reload, If you want it to be done automatically, use the subpage component, and when you submit it, the whole page will reload.

I have to use this scenario, because I haven’t found any other solution. Exists one?
This attached is the simplified Edit page of the contact but with subpages you cannot generate it.

  1. How do I enable page reloading after editing a detail (obviously on the same It should reload only the edited table not the whole page.
  2. Is it possible to delete the two buttons A and B, and save the two forms F1 and F2 with a single button B0?
  3. You did not answer me about the problem that the modal window opens and closes immediately when you click on the “Add New …” buttons of the two tables.


any news about this issues?