Multiple add dependecies problem

Hi, I have a problem with ADD pages.
I have two tables, one Warranties and interventions, they have the same fields including model, serial number, engine hours and maximum warranty hours.
I have correctly put the dependencies for model selection, serial and engine hours in the add page.
The problem arises from inserting a where on the add or guarantee page, better, inserting a clause where the hours must be less than the maximum hours of guarantee.
The add warranty page correctly excludes the models that have the clause but the same clause is inserted in the add intervention page without my having actually entered it in the sql of the intervention page.

Hi can you provide screenshots with more explanation, did not understand you properly.

Thanks, I try to explain better:
I have three tables that have the same fields

Immagine 2022-09-09 133705

Within the three tables I have three fields dependent on the selection of the customer through the correlation table of the third image: customers_machines

Immagine 2022-09-09 133753

in customers_machines I have a field for the duration in hours of the guarantee

Immagine 2022-09-09 133824

to avoid entering a machine that has exceeded the hours of warranty coverage, I used this condition on the ADD warranties page

Immagine 2022-09-09 134658

Now on the ADD page of Tagliandi and requests there is no clause to allow you to insert machines even if not covered by the warranty

My problem is that the ADD Tagliandi and Requests pages don’t have to have the clause, but they inherit it from the ADD Warranties page.
I hope I was clearer, the phprad version is 5.14 classic

I forgot, I also created a new database view (last image) machines_clients but the result does not change

Send me a private message with your Anydesk ID.

Unfortunately, since these are company computers we have no possibility of remote connection from other computers, if you have any idea where the problem may come from I would be grateful for a suggestion

Cant tell where the error is coming from.