No Modal for view or edit pages

Hello everyone, i am unable to find the setting in list page components where i could select ‘Modal View’ and ‘Modal Edit’ i searched it everywhere and also i tried to set the button in list page design to Modal but to no avail, kindly let me know if somebody knows where it is or if this setting is not present in recent versions of this software, because in phprad classic 2.7.3 this setting is available

if in radsystems its here

in list page scroll to where you have actions
click on it to display this

click on page display settings

and now you should see the available otions

sorry did not see your question sooner

Thank you so much for replying with the solution, but the thing is even after applying the setting by selecting modal from the list its not getting applied, its working in Vue but not in classic project, please let me know (if) how can i edit the page to get modal for view or add/edit pages