Organize the form fields in tabs

Hello everyone, I’m going to make two questions in a post because they are “simple” …
how can I organize in tabs, pills etc the fields of a table? I have some forms with many data which I must organize through Tabs. How do I achieve this behavior?
The second … How can I organize the fields in several columns?

Please what project type is this?

The image is from a phpnative project, but I have to migrate it to radsystem laravel vue … I have 2 or 3 forms with many fields, which I must group by tabs, pills or accordion, the tab component adds tables but no fields. This is what I cannot achieve.

Hi, you need to use Form Wizard in the Page Designs or you use FieldWidth located in Add/Edit Page field Properties to reduce the size of the input field. Please note col-*-12 is the maximum available width. where * can be either sm, md, or lg.

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I understand … but what I mean is, if you could add fields to put in the wizard or as tabs but fields, from the table.

You cannot add fields, you can only use the subpage component available in the Page Design on them.