Parameter url for custom endpoint php rad classic

i create custom end point, but there is no place to input query parameter, i edit manually web.php at route folder but every republish it will overwritten, how can i input query parameter without overwritten when republish / publish

you add paremeters in the body of your endpoint not in the link

i add button acction to list like in the picture

like table result bellow

when i click on the button page not found because no rec_id route in file web.php

every i change web.php it always back to original when i exit app rad system and republish

what exactly are you trying to do?

  1. i create custom end point that receive url parameter rec_id.
  2. i add route in web.php with rec_id
    every save and close radsystem and publish again route in web.php always back to original without rec_id to custom end_point

oh, you can uncheck it in the project setting to prevent it from overwriting it everytime

yes i know, but it not permanent solutions, better there is feature to add parameter to custom end point to permanenent route in web.php

you can add it when you create a custom endpoint