Password encode

Hello There

I’m making an app which is a public interface for another app. This app must have authentication. The users are stored by default in a table which has the user and the password on plain text.

Is there any way RADSYSTEMS can read the password field on plain?

In case is not possible, i would like to know if there is any possibility to know what encode systems does radsysems uses to se up the password cyphed, and where is the key stored, so i can create the users manually. For example, entering on the database raw: username and the password encrypted so radsysistems authentification can read

It uses bcrypt, you can find the file that handles them here: “{project root}\app\Http\Controllers\AuthController.phpregister_store function, for Laravel projects and here: “{project root}\nodejs-express-api\helpers\utils.jspasswordHash function, for Node.js projects.

What if i’m using boostrap js-query? Can’t find that function

he thing is, how can i login checkng the password in plain text? for example, disablng the hash and bycript function.

Chech user plain text entered is ok, and Chech password plain text entered is ok