PhoneGap/Cordova - Sqlite in local storage


I downloaded and tested the version 3.8 of Radsystems Studio. The application looks pretty good and promising for sure.

However, I think when it comes to database, this software only supports web based database connection via API. Is this capable of building application with locally stored sqlite database file? Ionic + Angular by itself is capable of handling locally stored database file via HTTP and Cordova Storage plugins. But I just couldn’t figure out how to make such app using Radsystems Studio.

Waiting for your reply…

@ruturaaj Radsystems Studio generates a full web app, the API, and the front end which depends on the API to store data. of course, you can run your project locally, but if you want your project to store data locally without connecting to the API, you will have to manually edit the project to support that.

Interesting that you didn’t deny the possibility of making an entirely Native App with RS. You mentioned “manually edit the project to support that” … do you have any tutorial for this? Can you please provide me some information on this?

Waiting for your reply…

@ruturaaj I don’t currently have a tutorial on this. I can only point you to the places where you can get more info on what you want. Here are the quasar storage docs and here’s are the Cordova docs on webSQL which uses SQLite syntax, and here you can find a third-party plugin.