PHPRad Classic doesn't see Database

Hi Folks
When trying to start a new project (PHPRad Classic 2.7.3), using an existing PostgreSQL 13 database, I get the following error message:
“Fatal:3D000: Databayse “xyz” does not exist”

What I entered:

  • selected POSTGRE as DB-Server
  • Server: localhost Port: 5432
  • Username: cus
  • his password: xyz
  • Database: As soon as I click on the small down-arrow, the above error message appears.
    On the DB-Server, I would like to connect to an existing schema which isn’t then shown.

The database is accessible through both, pgAdmin and my modeling tool Moon Modeler…

My environment:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  • xampp 8.0.3
  • PostgreSQL 13.1

Thanks for your input on this!


P.S: I acted on the info re Postgres’ authentication and modified it’s 2 configuration files to use md5 plus reset the already existing user’s password on the server (ALTER USER…) .

  • Firefox latest

@SwissCharles it would be better to search and create topics at the appropriate forum RadSystems Forum - Index, that way you find answers to question already asked Authentication error against PostgreSQL ( This forum is specifically for the Radsystems Studio products and this(RadSystems Forum - Index) is for the PHPRad Classic 2.7.3.

Answer to your question: The PHPRad Classic 2.7.3 is an old product compared to the Radsystems Studio, and it uses old libraries for connecting to databases and these libraries only support the old method of database authentication(md5 ), which means the new database authentication method scram-sha-256 which is used by the new versions, is not supported. That is why it can’t connect to your database. Please downgrade your postgres database to a lower version that does not use the sha-scram by default or change the authentication method of your database.

Please if you have a follow-up question, post it to the phprad forum.

Hi Willvin
Thanks for your reply and sorry for me using the wrong forum - I somehow got the impression, that this here would be the successor as there seems to be a PHPRad Classic in Radsystems Studio as well, which threw me off somewhat :wink:

But say: Would Radsystems Studio solve this matter?

If ‘no’ I will go and post this again over there.
Just to reiterate: I did see the post you mentioned and that’s why I modified both postgres configuration files to accept the md 5 authentication method.

Thanks for any clarification!


@SwissCharles that is understandable. According to the devs, there is a plan for an update to the PHPRad Classic 2.7.3, but no date is specified. They said they are more focused on getting the Radsystems Studio stable and bug-free, before focus shifts to the PHPRad Classic 2.7.3.

Thanks Willvin - well noted and understandable - Thanks!

I will then head over to the other forum and post my question there


P.S: Do you know, if this problem is still present with Radsystems Studio ?

No, it is not present.

Thanks Willvin - good to hear!