PHPRad Classic - with multiple database connections

I noticed that in the new version the database issue doesn’t have the option to work with multiple database connections.

We know that API is a great option to work around this issue mainly because it is the laravel framework, however it would be important to have the option to add multiple database connections.

Why is this important?

Let’s assume that a certain company has an ERP, as it is a robust system, it usually uses more than one database.

The boss asks him to create a system to manage a special report, based on the sale of a certain group of customers from different countries in my example:

Customer from Brazil and Customer from South Africa.

instead of creating two separate systems, we can take advantage of the power of multiple connections to create something more integrated and that makes life easier for everyone in the company.

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I would second this request. It’s one of the first things I noticed, comparing RadSystems with another system I’m coming from.

One of the factors that makes me work with the competitor rad tool is the option of multiple database connections in a single application.

I would love to just work with PHPRad Clessic

add to development team task list add multiple database connections option in PHPRad Classic