Phprad no records found

hi friends!!!

Patrick here, a friend of mine designed a clinic system and i’m trying to modify to work on my workshop. after modify some items “in visual studio code” everything works really fine, BUT! after add some registers the view list stop working showing “no records found”

in adminPHP all records are ok, i can add new patients perfectly and in my pannel the button says the number of registers saved, but when i enter to the list nothing.

in other side “users” works perfectly, it shows all my mechanics and their photos.

idk really where in the system the sql consults are, my programing skills are not so good xddd but im trying.

thanks in advance!!!

some cap

The code you are looking for should be in the controller file for that table. there might be a where statement limiting the display of records.

problem was a corrupted DB… solved after backup. thanks!