Phprad smtp settings

Documentation says that the smtp settings are found by clicking Project Configuration. This just takes me to Publish.

Share an image of where you are clicking

Found the settings. Documentation is just incorrect.

@busster8 please share the link to the incorrect documentation

that link is for phprad classic 2.7.3 documentation, this is the link for the phprad classic in Radsystems Studio documentation Project Settings | Documentation (

But I am using PHPRad Version 2.7.3. The forum on, where I purchased PHPRad, says to come here to this forum. The software help, About, says go to for support.


@busster8 okay Sir! how can we help on the smtp issue?

I have the smtp working now. Confusing part is documentation in two different places telling two different ways to get to the smtp settings. No worries on the smtp settings now.

@busster8 oh! yes they are different !radsystems and phprad are a little bit different! so if you are on 2.7.3 its just a little different