PHPRAD Vue: Authentication - can't login, have to create new user every time

In RADSystem Vue - Ive configured Authentication in a basic way, no roles.

Now I cant login with newly created users. I am getting :“username or password incorrect”

To login I need to create new users everytime I want to login.
Strange - after login I wanted to change password and its impossible - system tells me that “old” pass is wrong - of course I put it correctly.

It seems like password stored in database after account creation is wrong

Additional Note: on provided screens there are two users “jacek” and “franek” - please dont care about this. During tests I ve made many users and screens was made in different times with different users but of course Ive tested it with proper users login/pass.

@piotr check the command prompt and provide a complete screenshot or video recording of the error that is displayed when you try to log in.

Heres a link to screenrecord from my webbrowser.
Here arescreens from my CMD

I dont see anything in CMD logs

Send me a PM with your TeamViewer Details or Anydesk ID.

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Sure, posted details in PM (same as previous) :wink:
Ive checked this issue on two separate computers and this bug exist on both computer.

Dear Willvin. Thank You that You spend 3 hours on my computer trying to solve the issue.

To summarize: I have the same issue on 3 different computers. Same issue - after turning on authorisation on basic project - I cant reuse login. I must create user everytime. .

WillVin sentd me sample project He created on his computer (send me project file, database and catalogue with files) - and it worked!

So - it seems quite logical that my enviroment is ok and theres a difference in how project is created/managed.

Maybe theres discrepancy with RADStudio version. Ive downloaded newest version from webpage which shows 4.6.1 bur after unzipping it shows 4.6 and after install it shows also 4.6 - You also have that?
Ill try to research thiss bug further.
Kind regards, issue still not solved.

As additional comment: Ive use new laptop with windows 10. Ive added english language and disable completely UAC.
Installed RADstudio - version from webpage. Ive installed Nodejs 16 LTS along with XAMPP (PHP 7.4.25)
I have the same issues: after creating database - tables are duplicated.
Authorisation brings issue mentioned above.
It seems somethings in the Radstudio.

Hi @piotr and @willvin ;
Same problem here. However I have two systems, one is ok and other no.
So, in the one with problems I deleted de users table and make a copy of the users table from the one ok and … worked ! Perhaps the problem is in the “collation” of the field. Hope result with you !


I am researching this issue since yesterday - Ive narrowed this to database structure.
Issue emerge form Mysql 5.57, Mariadb 10.2 → 10.6, whatever is myisam od innodb. Ill reserch it further.

Dear RADSystem dev’s and users.
Ive found a way to solve this issue.
First - it is not connetcet with db type (maria-mysql-sqlite). Its about database structure and tables names(!) - in my case…

  1. tables connected to authorisation (users, all oauth_…, migrations and failed_jobs) - need to have InnoDB (not MyISAM)
  2. table for users should be called “users” and inside valid columns are ID, name, password, image, email.
  3. in my case all users field are varchar (255)

It looks silly but otherwise authorisation do not work in my case. I really cant precisely point to what is responsible as Ive made correctin continually but I think the most important are table and columns names.

Ill research this firls further but for now Ill stick to this rules.

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Hi @piotr;
I believe is what you point in number 2. In my case both are InnoDB and after I change the table name and fields start working !

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I am facing the same problem though I have followed the above mentioned solution. I am facing problem in case of dynamic role permission. No permission table is being updated.


  1. Please delete all the tables created by Radsystems Studio automatically, apart from the ones created by you.
  2. Delete the generated project folder, close Radsystems Studio, and open the project again.
  3. Make sure to follow the above instructions on this topic and let us know if you still encounter the issue.

I have solved my problem. I had a silly mistake. I did not install composer in my machine. That was my dumb mistake. Everything is working perfectly now.


Okay, that is great.

Ive ruled out issues with lacking composer or other missing components. I think its connected to database table names - they should be identical as in tutorial. Other table names create issues.

this is not a bug! the problem is with how you have set up the field that is holding the password! by default the value is 50 i think change that to something big like 255 then voilaa!! you are good to go! happy coding :relaxed: :relaxed: :blush:

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always make sure your password field in your users table has a big value ! the problem is with that field not the project! give it a bigger value and you are good to go!

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Thank you piotr!

Your tip number 2 works!! It seems that when they created the radsystem, they programmed it so that there was a specific structure in the users table.

I would never have guessed that!! Thank you very much

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