Problem adding record using modal window


I’m working on RadSystems 8.1.8 with Laravel/Vue.
I have two related tables:
Table1 |—< Table2
When I create a record in Table2 I can’t get the index of Table1
How do I do it?

The url of the page is http://localhost:8050/#/table1/view/2
How can I get the “2” and assign it to Table2.idTable1 ??

I tried to use session to save the in Table1.AfterView, but it doesn’t work to retrieve it in Table2.BeforeAdd and also in Table2.AfterAdd, I guess because it is Vue.

Is it possible to configure DefaultValue so that it takes of the displayed page?

How can i solve this problem?



Use an add sub-page component to get the configuration for binding the record id to form field.