Problem while clicking OK button

I am evaluating this product before purchasing. I mistakenly installed RadStudio 5.1.4 before I have wamp server installed. I then read the tutorial and then uninstalled it and then installed wampserver64 bit. Finally, I re-installed RadStudio 5.1.4.

The problem is that when I create a project and open its Authentication tab and then after doing the required changes, when I click ‘Okay’, it opens a Console window and tries to run something where it gives an error related to PDOException.

Several articles on the web point that I need to make sure that in php.ini extension pdo_mysql must be loaded. I have made sure that it is uncommented and it is also shown in the list of loaded extensions.

What could be wrong?

Please help

Can someone please help? I feel that this is a good product but I am stuck here,

Share images of your problems kindly

  1. Make sure you are making the changes to the right PHP .ini file.
  2. Make sure you are enabling the right plugin for the database you are using for your project, as different databases have their different PHP drivers/extentions.