Problem with list refresh after adding or editing


The system is in RS8.2.3 in NodeJS/Quasar. The problem is that it doesn’t refresh the listings after adding or editing a record using modal windows. Does not refresh when data is from related tables using JOIN or data in Record Detail Page.

I create a record

but when I save it I don’t update the list

This also occurs with fields added using JOIN.
It is solved if I use load() calling it from a button.

But I need it to refresh after adding a record. It also happens to me if I edit a record.
Is there a way to fix it?

I have tried to add an event after opening the editing window, but I have not been able to get it to work.
Something like this:

openDialog(rowId) {
page: ‘services/editchangestatus’,
url: /services/editchangestatus/${rowId},
closeBtn: true

// Listen for the dialog close event
document.addEventListener('dialogClosed', handleDialogClose);


function handleDialogClose(event) {
if ( === ‘services/editchangestatus’) {
// After handling the closure, you can also remove the event listener if necessary.
document.removeEventListener(‘dialogClosed’, this.handleDialogClose);

function myFunctionAfterDialogClose() {
// Your logic here
console.log(‘Dialog closed and function executed.’);

any ideas?


There was an error in my code. The problem can be solved by creating an event on save and listening for the event on closing the modal window.