Problem with Project Menu

How to solve this problem publishing project:

Message = A referência de objecto não foi definida como uma instância de um objecto.
StackTrace = em RadSystems.PHPRadClassicLaravelEngine.SetMenuListArray(List`1 menulist)
em RadSystems.PHPRadClassicLaravelEngine.SetProjectMenu()

@pfigueiredo please provide a screenshot. And also, what was the last action you took on the menu configuration before getting this error?

Hi @willvin ! The las action: using the project menu and delete some options in the Nav Bar Top Right. If I remember the option no longer exists. It was a copy/duplicate form I delete.

From what I see, the menu was not generated properly. Close the Radsystems Application, Delete or move the generated project folder, depending on if you did manual edit on it. Open the project again, and publish it.

Hi @willvin ! Same message, same error ! The file Menu.php

This means your project was not properly generated. Please send me a private message with your TeamViewer Details or Anydesk ID.

Hi @willvin ! Thanks for the attention. At this time i am not in the computer with the project. Later I send you de details of the TeamViewer. To where I send you the private message ?

On the forum, you can send private messages to users.