Problem with rec_id form wizard

Friends, I’m having problems with FormWizard, particularly with the record ID, basically every time I make the form, each step loads me as a new record in the DB so I get several records for each step instead of one… I’m not sure how I should use the rec_id.

Could someone please help me. @willvin @yoherad

Friend @willvin Please appreciate your help with this FormWizard application item. The truth is that I have read the documentation and it is not very clear to me how to put it to work. I appreciate if you can give me a little detail on the issue of the rec_id variable in the Page Events, the truth is I don’t know very well how to operate it.

Currently, my FormWizard loads and operates… but as I go to another step, it saves the information as a new record and not as a single one, which is the idea of FormWizard… I really appreciate your help.

Send me your anydesk ID so I take a look.

Dear friend, thank you for responding!

Please tell me when I can share my Anydesk ID with you, so we can match.

Thank you so much

Send it as a private message and I will connect when I see it.

Friend @willvin , I would like to explain a little about my problem with the screenshots, I am sorry to take up your time, you will surely be very busy! In this first image I show you the design of the page, I have divided the form into two parts. Add/Add 2 and I have distributed the fields how I need them. Here in the Wizard I collect the first Add and it is the ID that has the primary key, until then I think I understand the issue.

In the second image I collect the second part of the Add2 form, and rec_id appears to collect the variable… at this point is where I start to get confused because as I show in the third image I am not very clear in the Page Events how I should collect it , I don’t know in this part if it is put in the AfterAdd of Add2 or Add1… so that when completing the Wizard it is collected as a single form.; I’m also not sure how to write the rec_id at that point.
What is happening to me is that when I receive the data from step 1 and then step 2, the program collects two different forms, with two different IDs… it does not remain as one.

I thank you if you can give me some light on where I am lost.

@willvin My friend, attentive to your help. Thank you so much