Problem with related tables


I am using Laravel/Bootstrap with RadSystem 7.1.2.

I have two related tables.

When I add a record to Table02 the following happens:

Where it should show Table02, Table01 is shown.
The data will be saved correctly.

Additional Information:

In this last image I added it manually to the “record?.id” field because it does not show them in the drop-down.

What could be the problem?



This configuration has been removed from the latest version.

ok. But why does it show me the table “Table01” where the table “Table02” should be? This occurs after adding a record in “Table02”. Is it a bug?

It should show you records from the table you configured. Check the table records and make sure you don’t have a similar record and that you are not confusing the record displayed as a different one.

I show the records related to the element “UNO”.

After adding the element “333” the following happens:

The records of Table2 are displayed where those of Table1 should be.
Clicking on the red box shows again the records of table1: