I tried to create very basic app with only one table:
Orders(id serial, order_no varchar(15), date date, remarks text) and during runtime get the following error message:

Unable to complete request.
500 Internal Server Error: (psycopg2.errors.UndefinedTable) missing FROM-clause entry for table "orders" LINE 3: FROM public."Orders" ORDER BY desc) AS anon_1 ^ [SQL: SELECT count(*) AS count_1 FROM (SELECT public."Orders".id AS "public_Orders_id", public."Orders".date AS "public_Orders_date", public."Orders".order_no AS "public_Orders_order_no", public."Orders".remarks AS "public_Orders_remarks" FROM public."Orders" ORDER BY desc) AS anon_1] (Background on this error at:

The problem is: ORDER BY should be ORDER BY public."Orders".id - missing “”.
But what can I do?

Tested on different configurations, the error is the same
Windows 11 (or 10), Radsystems 5.0.3, Postgresql 14 (or 13), SQLAlchemy 1.4 (or 1.3).