Publishing RadSystem ASP.Net backend and Quasar UIFramework

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I’d like to ask how to publish the project created on ASP.Net as backend framework and Quasar Vue as its UIFramework? MSSQL Database. I used the RadSystems version 8.1.8.

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I have not done ASP.Net project publishing to production before. If you are already familiar with building and publishing ASP.Net apps using Visual Studio, then you can open the ASP.Net API project in Visual Studio to build it. You can read more on that here: Publish an ASP.NET web app - Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Learn.
Once you do that and you have your API link, you can follow the process used for compiling the Quasar frontend here: Publishing your Radsystems Project - Tutorials - Radsystems Forum, by providing the URL for accessing your API and compiling it.

Good day!

Thank you. I’ll try to learn publishing on VStudio first, this is completely new to me that is why I find it difficult. I hope you can make a video tutorial publishing on RAD ASP.Net framework next time in your youtube channel.

How about this error, do you know how to fix this?

Check this Error message - access denied - Issues / PHPRad Classic - Radsystems Forum