Quasar Vue Error on Compile with Dynamic Page Menu

RadSystems v7.1.2
Node.js v14.21 (also tried v16.18 and v18)
Python v3.8.6

I only see this error while publishing with the Dynamic Page Menu component. The error persist whether the component is freshly put onto the page, or if I configure the component’s parameters. What additional information do you need to give me a clue what the issue might be?

App • ERROR • UI in ./src/pages/home/home.vue?vue&type=template&id=087d42bb

Module Error (from ./node_modules/vue-loader/dist/templateLoader.js):

VueCompilerError: key should be placed on the tag.
at C:\Users\klabarre\Documents\RadSystems\PyRad Projects\expertrmm\frontend\src\pages\home\home.vue:18:140
16 |
17 |
18 |
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
19 |
20 | {{ menu.label }}

App • COMPILATION FAILED • Please check the log above for details.

This is a bug and has been reported.