RadSystems v8.1.0 Errors

Getting error messages from new install of v8.1.0

12/26/2022 8:44:07 AM

Message = Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Data = System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
InnerException =
TargetSite = Void SaveAllViewCode()
StackTrace = at RadSystems.PHPRadClassicLaravelEngine.SaveAllViewCode()
HelpLink =
Source = RadSystems
HResult = -2147467261

This exact error message repeats 10 times, for a total of 11.

I have the same error messages.
Not sure what the purpose of these error messages are as they don’t point you to where the compile error is!
Is it not possible to report the page it has errored on?

Is this a new project or a project from a previous version?

For me it’s a project from the previous version 7.1.2.

Before you say it I hope you don’t expect us to redo our entire project when a new version comes out?

Especially when the new version is mostly fixing bugs in the previous!

Projects made with previous versions are not compatible with version 8.1.0

So radsystems studio is a hobby software that you can’t use for a proper project!
Any proper project would need to be kept up to date and therefore you would want to maintain it with the latest version!

This is crazy. A project created in 7.1.2 should be able to be imported into 8… or at least point out differences and a changes that would be needed to upgrade.

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Yes I upgraded from v7.1.2

The documentation alludes to features being added, upgraded and fixed. But if the two versions are incompatible, then it’s not really added, upgraded or fixed. It’s a new product offering that has these characteristics versus the old product that people already spent money on.

I’ve ridden this horse before, in development of two major software packages over a period of fifteen years.

In order to be successful, RadSystems will need to avoid any breaking change such as this or else continue to be focused on sales versus customer satisfaction and have to deal with paid customers fleeing and creating bad karma.

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